Privacy Policy

rivacy policy is really important for the users as well as casual visitors who come to our website in search of their queries and then it becomes our responsibility to provide security to their privacy which is equally important for all of us. Therefore, we have used the users’ responses, activities, behaviors and questions to figure out what could be the best polices for them that can provide them maximum security when they come to us. Keeping in view each and every aspect, we have simplified our terms and these are mentioned below. We encourage every use to read them at least once.
Access to Free Of Charge Resource Data

Most of the people visit to find the general information or information about certain programs and we try to provide them free of charge what they are looking for and don’t usually collect any information from them without letting them know.
Links Refers to Other Webpages

When you visit our site, you might notice third party links which refer to other websites and we don’t take any responsibility against your decision to click on all such links which may navigate you to other resources and then you no more come under this privacy statement.
Users’ Information Collection

As mentioned above during your usual visit when you just come in search of information, you might not be asked to provide us your info but in exclusive cases, when you request us to let you use certain services, you might be required to provide us some of your information such as your name, email address, postal address or contact numbers.
Collection of More Data

There might be some other data such as your IP address, type of the browser you are using to access us, time and date of your visit might also be recorded. The information are not misused or shared or sold to third parties.
How and Why We Use Your Information?

You must know why we collect your personal info and how we use it. First of all, we need to improve our services and users experiences to our website and this is only possible when we know our visitors and that is why it sometimes becomes essential for you to understand your behavior and activities. Secondly, we never misuse your information but the only purpose is to communicate with your through your email address or other contact details.